Antivirus Problems You Should Be Aware Of

It is extremely likely that an upcoming virus or Trojan could infect dozens, hundreds of computers, or thousands. This is especially true of network worms. It is therefore important that antivirus software providers can provide updates quickly and efficiently to stop these computer viruses from becoming widespread.

Unfortunately, a number of AV programs are plagued by a range of major issues that hinder their effectiveness. If you’re using any of these products, you should be aware of these issues so that you can take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself.

The first problem is that a majority of anti-virus programs simply cannot detect all Trojans and viruses. This is a direct result of the fact that hackers and virus writers constantly create new varieties of malware. This means that far from all anti-virus software sold on the Web will provide a protection level anywhere near 100 100%.

A common software issue may also cause symptoms that appear to be virus-related. Therefore, it is essential to always check for more typical reasons for problems before deciding that your system has been infected by a virus. Some malware will display pornographic images to the screen, or news articles. Another symptom is a window that displays advertisements for websites you do not visit.

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