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what is expense management

Fundamentally, it’s a method of payment combined with a method of managing those payments. One survey found that companies spend on average between 6-12% of their total annual budget on travel and entertainment. The same research found that the cost of processing these expense claims or extracting useful value from the data https://www.bookstime.com/ can vary wildly. Achieving a single actionable expense report can range from just under $7 for automated systems to over $26 for manual/Excel-based processes. Therefore, travel and expense or T&E management is a critical part of running your company. Any time an employee travels for work, they need to submit a claim.

  • With manual processes, expense management can become complicated.
  • A Soldo survey of 2,500 employees revealed that over a third claimed for things they shouldn’t, averaging out at £117 in fraudulent claims each month.
  • Take financial control and manage your business debit and credit cards and spend easily, all from the same account.
  • Some of the best expense management tools are Mesh payments, Zoho expense, expense point, Expensify, and tallie.
  • This empowers finance teams to review spend, look for patterns, and use this analysis for negotiating vendor discounts.

CFOs and finance leaders can use the data to modify expense policies, budget, and forecast accurately, and make informed decisions on future spending. In traditional approaches to expense reporting, even if the reports and receipts are submitted promptly, it takes time to review and approve them. With an expense management app, you can create automated approval workflows to reduce manual intervention and shorten the approval process.

Advantages of using an expense management software:

They also allow you to maintain reports on timely reimbursements for the employee. From my personal experience, Zoho expense is one of the best software for any organization, which enables to Manage the travelling and spending for a business very effectively. And plays a crucial role in helping organisations by reducing the time and effort in terms of generating expense reports from the receipts by its automation feature.

  • All business receipts are saved in a unified dashboard so that they can be accessed and tracked instantaneously.
  • Once you are aware and have a grasp of the operating budget, forecasting future finances is much easier.
  • If your policy is unclear, employees might find it difficult to report expenses accurately.
  • To make this more accessible, expense management software can be used to achieve submission, approval, and processing irrespective of an employee, manager, or account department location.

Every uploaded expense report has a digital audit trail of all actions ever taken on it. This helps keep the expenses ready for accounting and auditing purposes. Expense management softwares give employers the liberty of adding and modifying expense policies to meet their requirements and budgetary goals. These configurations define the parameters by which the software evaluates every reported expense claim.

Expense Management Policy

Managing business expenses can be daunting, but it’s crucial in keeping track of that steady stream of small outgoings. Many rely on corporate credit cards, petty cash or out of pocket expenses, for their expense management.

what is expense management

All our cards are VISA-powered and 3DS secure so all your payments are safely processed. In case of suspicious fraudulent activities, you can easily block or freeze your card to prevent it from being used. Do you want an in-depth analysis of your employees’ spending patterns? Narrowing down your goals and needs will help you assess your options wisely.

Using a Software-Based Expense Management Solution to Your Advantage

Expense management can be manual or automated, and it usually involves two processes. The first process requires an employee to follow what is expense management some steps in either requesting funds to carry out a task or asking for funds to be reimbursed for assignments completed.

How does expense management software work?

An expense management software should act as a digital solution to your reconciliation woes, transforming slow manual processes into automated virtual ones. Soldo’s software, for example, is designed to simplify each step of the expenses process.

Examples of employee-initiated expenses include, but are not limited to, travel and entertainment expenses. Still, you cannot avoid expense reporting altogether, since you’re legally obliged to reimburse your employees for the business expenses that they’ve paid out of their own pockets. Expense management software with automated expense reporting eliminates the need for manual data entry. Every transaction is recorded automatically and instantly synced onto your existing accounting system to ensure no data gets lost. We also offers to spend analysis and insights to reduce any payment delays and even surfaces early payment discounts to the vendors on its own. Expense management goes beyond just keeping tabs on employee initiated expenses.

Transparency and accountability aid in preventing fraudulent practices, keeping expenses at bay, and improving the bottom line. This can be achieved by ensuring feedback is provided by employees on expense policies and the total spend of each department is publicized within the organization. Take time to educate employees on your expense policies and best practices.

What is expense management tool?

Expense management software is a type of application that simplifies the receipt-to-reimbursement process by automating much of it. With this software, firms can manage travel bookings, automate expense report submission, streamline approvals, accelerate reimbursements, and track expense claims in real time.

Before automating your expense reports, you must conduct a self-review to understand the processes and workflow included in the traditional expense management processes. It is time you also think about making your expense management automated so that it will help your business set free from the worries of manual expense requests and approvals. Unlike traditional expense management practices, you do not have to safely store countless paper-based and digital receipts on our platform. Volopay lets you upload an image or PDF of your receipt and attach it with the necessary transaction for efficient receipt management. Once approved, you can also export the transactions along with the necessary documents for a smoother auditing process.

At the same time, waiting months for a single purchase to be approved and reimbursed isn’t beneficial either. There’s a distinction between “procurement” and “expense” management. Procurement largely has to do with negotiating with suppliers and contracting goods and services. A procurement team spends a lot of its time discussing contract terms and optimizing rates but doesn’t necessarily think too much about the total expense or budgeting.

  • We’ve also purchased Expensify credit cards as a method to track all company credit card purchases.
  • We have all the tools and downloadable guides you need to do your job faster and better – and it’s all free.
  • They vary across businesses, but regardless of whether you have a few or hundreds, you need to track them.
  • With the use of automated expense management systems, there is no need to enter data manually.
  • Manual expense solution means time-consuming tasks for you and your employees.
  • As a business owner, it is important to spend money on these subscriptions wisely as they can rake up quite a big expense.
  • Today’s accounting software, for instance, can monitor employee spending and draw quick analytical conclusions almost instantly, reducing the workload on the finance department.

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