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Smart Navigation Systems software uses several indoor navigation technologies to calculate and provide the best routes through venues, large or small. Change the route automatically as soon as new information is added. Our team develops and integrates required functionality or delivers a special app. We can extract https://globalcloudteam.com/ unstructured data through intelligent tech tools to convert them into actionable information that can enhance your business operations in several ways. We’re capable of developing an intuitive inventory database that can view activity logs, upload data automatically, backup, and even process data efficiently.

We used connected devices to provide live updates on driver performance, idling, and fuel consumption. Intellias helps transportation and logistics companies, mobility services, and geospatial data providers create cross-domain transportation software solutions. Intellias is a transportation software development company that helps fleet managers, urban mobility solution providers, and transportation and logistics companies navigate the road to cost-efficient technologies. Relying on our transportation management software development services, you can optimize delivery routes, cut fleet operating costs, minimize traffic congestion, and refine the urban experience for citizens. Since 2002, Intellias software engineers have been delivering logistics software development services at scale for global transportation platform providers, eMobility innovators, and large vehicle fleets. Let us apply our engineering experience, technological expertise, and personal dedication to modernizing your transportation logistics software.

We establish Centers of Excellence, actively leverage ecosystem provider partnerships, cultivate industry best practices with project managers and engineers, and maintain a strong project and program management framework. Reduced paperwork and manual human intervention render the best user experience to stakeholders and customers. Customized and engaging UI makes it easy for users to navigate and access the required information. To ensure the highest quality of software solution, we established a well-defined quality assurance process that suggests starting the testing stage as early as possible.

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The automation of logistics processes entails the generation of a large amount of real-time data by systems. As a result, all participants must have unrestricted access to the system at any time, from any location, and from any connected device in order to obtain data, analyze it, and make instant decisions. One of the most important things logistics software will do is manage a massive amount of data. Analyzing such a large amount of data will enable you to make informed business decisions and forecast both obstacles and profits. To create effective, efficient, and agile logistics operations, we add autonomy and intelligence to the applications through the integration of IoT and AI.

logistics software development

We deliver software for constantly monitoring both positioning and storage conditions. We’re quite capable of building an interactive dashboard to display various performance, cost, and operational metrics of your logistics company extracted from different data sources. We can develop a data-driven risk management model that will generate actionable reports on demand and supply to control waste and speed up delivery. Together with the team, we have turned the MVP version of the service into a modern full-featured platform for online marketers.

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At OSP, we constantly work towards developing solutions that can enhance customer experience by catering to their needs through advanced tools and responsive features. Our team of UI/UX developers can build web and mobile apps that can help logistics companies increase conversion and customer loyalty. The development time for a logistics software system relies on various factors such as choice of the technology stack, front and back end development process, type of application and platform, development team size, and more.

logistics software development

Our logistics custom software development services consist of transportation management software solutions for web and mobile platforms. Transportation logistics software and transportation management application development solutions help you with better user engagement, real-time data interaction, custom reporting, and business intelligence bots support. Our team of logistics and transportation software development experts can increase the flexibility of existing business systems with third-party integration and enhancement solutions. We can help our customers with L2/L3 support of legacy systems and the adoption of new cloud technologies to increase the flexibility of existing solutions. We help with integrating third-party services and platforms via APIs and apply open-source development practices to keep the leading edge in transportation management software development.

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Furthermore, we provide a wide range of solutions to other complex problems. GPS software provides real-time and cached spatial data and integrates seamlessly with any third-party APIs . We follow the standard protocols while deploying logistics software and apps on various platforms where they are easily accessible to the potential audience. Our deployment process includes all three stages of developing, testing and monitoring. Our blockchain based development of logistics systems will allow easy coordination of documents on a shared distributed ledger. Leverage efficient approvals and customer clearance by using Smart Contracts for goods and services at custom checkpoints.

The new system saves time for service providers and enables owners to efficiently manage vehicle fleets. Also, improved business logic allows fleet customers to get invoices immediately, eliminating paperwork. Cloud platform for convenient routing and smart city planning A German provider of supply chain and logistics technologies was looking to reduce setup and maintenance costs of their on-premises solution. We supported them in moving their core products to a cloud platform, starting with a truck routing service and smart city planning tool. Having established a brand-new SaaS platform, we are continuously migrating their apps to leverage all the advantages of a microservices architecture. The software we developed allows our client to track real-time GPS telematics, build optimal routes, monitor vehicle conditions, and create custom dashboards to visualize data from fleets.

  • We’ve been truly impressed with their professionalism and performance and continue to work with a team on developing new applications.
  • For instance, the tool can guide you through the best routes to save fuel.
  • We offer end-to-end logistics software development services so you can acquire any in one place.
  • Here is a strategy on how to develop custom logistics software.
  • CHI Software will navigate your road to bespoke logistics solutions.

The customer’s web app incorporated the full cycle of logistics operations and included transport and stock management systems, real-time transport tracking system, document control and accounting systems. Despite the fact that this advanced software came with a wide range of functions and features, it demanded ongoing enhancements to fit the ever-changing requirements of the logistics domain. Relevant is a leading global company with a wide development portfolio. With 9 years of experience delivering quality software, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end, customized transportation software development services for fleet and logistic brands. ITrackFreight allows end to end tracking solutions to ease the process of freight pickup and delivery.

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If you need a genuine and productive developer overseas, then your choice should be Prismetric. Receive accurate and timely feed from perfectly stored, secured, and synchronized data. Manage big data across all handheld devices for quick decisions.

For that, we have a well-organized development and quality assurance process with all quality standards followed and metrics measured. It starts with a discovery phase, and goes on with design, development, testing, and deployment. Transport and logistics organizations are exploring new ways to compete.

For example, embedded navigation is necessary when developing an application for fuel delivery, but a barcode scanner is not needed. Meanwhile, it is indispensable in warehouse management systems. Through software testing & QA, the custom software developers at Orases are able to identify bugs, resolve security vulnerabilities and enhance the performance of custom software and applications. When you decide to hire remote logistics developers from Prismetric, we make sure that it requires little effort from your side. Here are the few steps to hire dedicated logistics developers and avail exclusive End-to-end logistic management software services for your business.

Together, we refine your entire supply management strategy, build a relevant product, and provide exact deliveries by keeping accurate track of all your orders. Android app development Development from scratch, expansion, or rescue mission for your Android project. OSP believes in helping businesses across industries be more productive and successful with on-demand technology. Our team can create KPIs and other metrics to determine productivity and business efficiency.

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With easy access to data, you can increase efficiency while attempting to reduce overall costs. As efficiency and speed become more critical, logistics must adopt a new approach to deal with rising demand and process complexity. The industry requires a viable solution to manage the flow of things so that the correct product reaches the customer within the time frame specified. We solve market challenges and build all varieties logistics software development of custom and platform-based frameworks and provide comprehensive end-to-end software development and IT services. We solve challenging market challenges and build all varieties of custom and platform-based frameworks and provide comprehensive end-to-end software development and IT services. You can rely on our technical experts in case of patches, glitches and bugs, upgrades, custom update requests, and more.

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We rely on both external recruitment channels and internal specialists to fulfill your project capacity needs. Our team works with you on creating a plan for staffing transportation software developers and defining strategies to start and scale the project team. A major concern about the logistic business is to draw boundaries for fleet and other vehicles.

logistics software development

Keep pace with the evolving needs of the transport and logistics industry with the implementation of technology innovations. Find out how our logistics software experts delivered a powerful CRM for Next Day Dumpsters to not only use but also resell through the SaaS business model. Streamline processes and workflows for businesses in the logistics industry.

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You can get in touch with him here, or find out more about Groove Technology Services. Shipping costs, transportation methods, fuel prices, shipping agents, and so on can all be compared using the software. Automation of all data will also assist you in analyzing the overall process and selecting the most profitable one. For your logistics company, you must choose shipment routes, plan load distribution, tender loads to cargos, and complete all necessary paperwork. All of this can be managed by the software, which will eliminate the need for paperwork.

Logistics mobile applications revolutionize the complete supply chain system. Offering more flexibility and ensuring better scalability, logistics companies are quite proactive in adopting mobile apps. We understand that a responsive and user-friendly app helps all the key players in the logistics industry to deliver their services timely and accurately. Our experienced app developers can build customer-centric apps using industry-driven technological solutions.

Here is the list of the leading enterprise software development companies you can work with. Leewayhertz knows its craft and the teams are experts at iPhone and Android app development. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we develop AI-enabled logistics apps that allow users to plan their monthly orders, understand seasonal trends, save time on re-ordering and reduce stock-outs. We automate warehouses processes with computer vision that facilitates recognition and organization of inventory and administers quality control for a wide range of stock without requiring human oversight. To make effective, efficient, and agile logistics operations, we add the autonomy and intelligence with the integration of IoT and AI to the applications.

Manage inventory, labor, yard, and cross-docking without any hassle. Mobile app development The widest range of custom-designed mobile apps and free consulting on project strategy. Custom software development services Get unique software for your business. Analyzing data from many modes of transportation is exhausting, time-consuming, and labor-intensive.

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